7 Ways to Use Wedding Furniture for a Minimalist Wedding


Oftentimes, most people confuse the word minimalism and associate it with boring appearances. However, without a doubt, one way to make events and pretty much every other place look appealing is by opting for the infamous minimalist touch. In the course of this article, you will find some of the best ways to introduce that minimalist design to an event like your wedding.

7 Ways to use Wedding Furniture in Minimalist Ways

1. A touch of nature

There is almost nothing that spells minimalist than having nature serve as a form of decor for your wedding. Seeing how greenery and nature in general are flexible options, you can come up with several ways to implement this minimalist idea. For example, you could adopt wreaths to suspend on your wedding chairs. Even this decor idea leaves you an allowance to opt for dry wreaths or lively greens.

If you feel wreaths are not entirely your style, you could try a fresh floral decor across chairs instead. Remember, nature’s touch can very well go beyond chairs. From having flowers in vases on tables and around, to having dazzling vines on chandeliers, or an entire nature-themed chandelier, you can get as creative as you want.

2. Simplify your table centerpieces

If a minimalist look is what you need, table centerpieces should be on the list of things you consider. To this end, you could get the commonplace center vase with flowers in it, or get a round flower statement. Another minimalistic way to go with your centerpiece is getting candles in wooden frames and much more.

3. Go all white

Imagine your wedding venue, probably white or some other color, with every other furniture piece bearing a bold white touch. Ranging from tables to white wedding chairs, and even probably to dessert and confectioneries, the resonating white would bring a minimalistic synergy to your event.

4. Play around with color schemes

Color statements are an example of mild attractions that most individuals overlook. Combining colors in the right ways can transform your wedding venue in ways you least expect. By dressing your furniture in neutral colors, you can introduce a pleasant feel without clashing colors. You can equally throw in a cold-warm color balance.

5. Rope in Lace, Ribbons, and Burlap

Using one of these elements alone would suffice for the taste of certain individuals. However, combining two or all three produces a phenomenal effect. With a burlap-sheer ribbon combination, you can give your wedding furniture a radical touch-up. Having lace over burlap in like manner would equally give your wedding furniture an appealing look.

6. Use clean geometrics

You can easily incorporate geometric elements in any part of your event. From your cake design to, sitting arrangements, to chair decor, and pretty much everything, you can get creative. With well-introduced geometrics, you can add a clean and contemporary outlook to your decor

7. DIY

There is no way one can go wrong with a minimalist DIY design. If you would rather get ideas that have worked for others, you can get tips from platforms like Pinterest. For example, you could get a board and strings on which you can pin various cards with sit numbers.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning a minimalist wedding, you definitely have a long list of things to put in place to ensure the success of that day. The decor takes a spot at the top of that list. Using wedding furniture in any of the ways that this article highlights can help you achieve just the right setting and aura for your minimalist wedding.


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